Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences

     The library of the Czech Academy of Sciences is one of the largest Prague libraries as well as research libraries. It is located near the National Theater in the Academy's building.


History of the Library

     The library of the Czech Academy of Sciences is a direct successor of the Basic Library (BL) of the Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences, which was created when the Czechoslovakian Academy was founded, on November 17, 1952. The original funds in the BL were sets of literature from the libraries of the Royal Czech Society of Sciences, Czech Academy of Sciences and Arts, and Masaryk Academy of Work. Thanks to this basis, the BL became the second richest universal research library in Prague in terms of its funds at the very beginning and is now the third oldest Czech research library. Today it manages about a million books, including an interesting set of archival documents, manuscripts, first prints and early prints (about 24,000 books).

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