3D models are more suitable for product visualization on the Internet than video or pictures. The sizes of models are about 150 kB, which is suitable even for a standard dial-up connection.
  • Most important benefits of the 3D WEB technology :
    • Increased sales
    • Fewer complaints due to ill-considered purchase
    • Visitor's active participation in the presentation
    • Product viewing unlimited in time
     Customers easily get a realistic idea about the appearance and capabilities of the product, obtaining all significant information they need to evaluate the purchase. Then they can order the product right on the website.
  • 3D models will allow you, for example, to :
    • Turn the product around or zoom in on it as you like
    • Assemble a product from various components
    • View the product in different colors
    • Launch sample presentations
    • Present the product including its operation
    • Describe the product parts
     You can find examples of 3D WEB presentations in the (GALLERY).

     If you are considering creating a 3D WEB presentation, click here.

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