We will create panoramic photos that will allow you to look around in any direction.
Neither a photo nor a movie can give such freedom of movement.

     Panoramic photos are suitable for depicting interiors as well as exteriors. The picture can be completed with information about each element. You can just touch an element with your mouse and the description will show up immediately.

     360º view can be combined with 3D models.

     The 360º view is a a new method of presentation for information about apartments, houses, plots of land, and other real estates. We will allow you to display the real estate completely, from a preview to an interactive walk through the interior.

     Data requirements are minimal, also suitable for a dial-up connection (about 200 kB).
  • How a 360º VIEW is created :
    • A series of photos is made with a digital camera
    • A panoramic photo is assembled
    • The panoramic photo is edited
    • A 360º VIEW for your website is generated
     We will be happy to answer all your questions and propose possible solutions. info@3dconstruct.cz